Things to Remember When Purchasing Bowling Ball

When it comes to selecting your bowling ball for the first time, you can face a lot of confusion and excitement at the same time. You definitely come across different kinds of questions such as which brand would be the most suitable for you, which material would be the strongest, what core is considered to be the best and what should be the ideal weight of the ball. This is the reason why it is extremely important for us to keep certain aspects in mind while choosing our first bowling ball from the market.

As this might be the first bowling ball that you are buying, you can straightaway set aside some of the questions easily. You need not to think about the brand much as majority of the entry level balls are similar to each other. In addition to this, when it comes to the hook potential as well as the core of the ball, you need not speculate much about that too. All these aspects can be dealt with when you buy more balls later for your use. In this situation, it gets more significant for you to lay stress on other features such as the ball type, weight of the ball, grip, etc.

Selecting type of ball

Depending on whether you are trying to throw the ball straightaway or hook it, you can decide on which kind of ball you would like to buy. In case you are planning to simply throw the ball, then you can purchase one made from polyester and if you only need to hook it, then you can go with any of the basic balls made for entry levels.

Ball weight

Before you plan on paying for a particular ball, make sure that you have experienced how holding a ball of that weight feels. If you do not feel comfortable while using such balls, do not make the mistake of buying them. Purchase only that bowling ball that fits with in your fingers and are easy to hold.


This is again an important aspect at will define your bowling experience. Buy a ball that offers strong grip and doesn’t have slippery material on the top.

Before you buy any type of bowling bowl, ensure to go through this beginner bowling ball guide and buy a ball that fits all your needs perfectly.